100 Pipers

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freesheet music 100 Pipers

  1. Wi’ a hundred pipers an’ a', an’ a’,
    Wi' a hundred pipers an’ a’, an’ a',
    We'll up an' gie them a blaw,
    Wi’ a hundred pipers an' a’, an’ a',
    Oh! It’s owre the Border awa', awa'
    It’s owre the Border awa', awa’
    We'll on and we’ll march to Carlisle ha'
    Wi' its yetts, its castell, an' a’, an' a’

    Wi' a hundredpipers an' a' an' a'
    Wi' a hundredpipers an' a' an' a'
    We'll up an'gie them a blaw, a blaw
    Wi' a hundredpipers an' a' an' a'
  2. Oh! our sodger lads looked braw, looked braw,
    Wi’ their tartans, kilts an’ a', an’ a',
    Wi’ their bonnets, an’ feathers, an’ glittering gear
    An' pilbrochs sounding sweet and clear
    Will they a’ return to their ain dear glen?
    Will they a' return, our heiland men?
    Second-sighted Sandy looked fu' wae
    And mothers grat when they marched away
  3. The esk was swollen, sae red and sae deep
    But shouther to shouther the brave lads keep
    Twa thousand swam owre to fell English ground
    An’ danced themselves dry to the pibroch’s sound
    Dumbfounder’d the English saw---they saw---
    Dumbfounder'd they heard the blaw, the blaw
    Dumbfounder’d, they ran awa', awa' 
    From the hundred pipers anP aP, an' a'